#1: Christian Reiner

Christian Reiner is a voice actor, singer and performer born in Munich. After studying in Munich & Stuttgart he moved to Berlin and for now has settled in Vienna. Starting his musical career with rock bands he shifted his focus to the recitation of poems, literature and experimental lyrics. He has developed a unique type of performing which includes different vocal techniques: spoken word, (overtone) singing, scatting, screaming, etc. and a portable tape recorder.

He has recorded two solo records on the acclaimed record label ECM and his one of a kind sound has led to cooperations with several different groups on audio plays, theatre, readings, recordings and concerts. On stage Christian Reiner enjoys to work in the context of free improvisation where he can vividly and spontaneously interact with his fellow musicians. 2020 he was artist in resident at the internationally renowned Jazzfestival Saalfelden and performed 5 concerts in 4 days with 12 different musicians – all were improvised.


… how & why:

Almost 2 years after the first WIEN33 recording session we continued with the one and only Christian Reiner. He has fascinated me since the first time I heard him perform with Weisse Wände – a band with Karl Ritter on guitar & Herbert Pirker on drums – and I have never since missed an opportunity to see him perform. His vocal capacity is unbelievable and the plethora of sounds he can produce seem to be never-ending. He is capable of telling abstract short stories illustrated with grunts, screams and whistles which entangle the listener in a dadaistic fairytale.

He recorded on the 29th of February 2020 and improvised during the whole process which resulted in 33 vinyls with 66 unique pieces.


Complete Tracklist:

Vinyl 1: A Kaspar Hauser Lied (Teil 1) – Georg Trakl B Kaspar Hauser Lied (Teil 2) – Georg Trakl

Vinyl 2: A Ernst J – Ernst Jandl B Ernst H – Ernst Herbeck

Vinyl 3: A Katze in Wien – Wolf Wondratschek B Haare, Kein Zucker – Wolf Wondratschek

Vinyl 4: A Raoulito kann fliegen – Wolf Wondratschek B Raoulito kann fliegen – Wolf Wondratschek

Vinyl 5: A Meine Cousine B Erste Frage

Vinyl 6: A Die Luft – Ernst Herbeck B Die Sprache – Ernst Herbeck

Vinyl 7: A Strohalm Bohne Kohle – Gebrüder Grimm B Tintenfisch

Vinyl 8: A Hilti – Episode 1 B Hilti und Herr Pferd

Vinyl 9: A Am Quai von Siracusa –  Wolf Wondratschek B Am Quai von Siracusa – Wolf Wondratschek

Vinyl 10: A Tischler B Der Tischler Kuschakov – Daniil Charms

Vinyl 11: A Für Ingmar Bergmann B Die Drogen die Worte, Poliklinik Prag – Ingeborg Bachmann

Vinyl 12: A Blumenladen mit Weltende B Weltende ohne Blumenladen – Else Lasker-Schüler

Vinyl 13: A Der zahme und sprechende Wellensittich B Ein schöner Vogel

Vinyl 14: A Gedicht 1 – Samuel Beckett B Gedicht 2 – Samuel Beckett

Vinyl 15: A Museum 1 B Museum 2

Vinyl 16: A Für Christine Lavant B Heimlich hinter Gottes Rücken

Vinyl 17: A Kein Mensch ist eine Insel – John Donne B Für G.P. – Joseph Brodsky

Vinyl 18: A Krieg der Sterne 1 B Krieg der Sterne 2

Vinyl 19: A Krieg der Sterne 3 B Krieg der Sterne 4

Vinyl 20: A Nebel – Christine Lavant B Zweig – Christine Lavant

Vinyl 21: A Günter B Augenblick

Vinyl 22: A Mein Vorsatz – Friedrich Hölderlin B Hälfte des Lebens – Friedrich Hölderlin

Vinyl 23: A Von Der Realität des Lebens – Friedrich Hölderlin B Übernacht ich im Dorf (an die Schwester) – Friedrich Hölderlin

Vinyl 24: A Wenn über dem Weinstock – Friedrich Hölderlin B Nun versteh ich / Im Walde

Vinyl 25: A Sprechstunde Plosive B Sprechstunde Vokale

Vinyl 26: A Alkohol – Ingeborg Bachmann B Alkohol – Ingeborg Bachmann

Vinyl 27: A Eine Art Verlust – Ingeborg Bachmann B Feiertag 27

Vinyl 28: A Jandl Session Tabak B Herbeck Session Kaffee

Vinyl 29: A Kyrie B Kyrie Nachklang

Vinyl 30: A Und vielleicht. – Ossip Mandlstamm B Dahoam

Vinyl 31: A Gestern…auf der Treppe B Was anderes

Vinyl 32: A An die Parzen / An den Tod eines Kindes – Friedrich Hölderlin B Die Eichbäume / Wenn über dem Weinberg es flammt – Friedrich Hölderlin

Vinyl 33: A Thrilla of Manila 1 – Wolf Wondratschek B Thrilla of Manila 2 – Wolf Wondratschek