#2: Julian Sartorius

Julian Sartorius is a Swiss drummer, percussionist and sound artist who studied in Berne and Lucerne. His ongoing search for new sounds, rhythms and grooves has led him to explore many realms of music. His spectrum spans from intricate precise patterns on a standard drum kit, to playing on objects of urban architecture, to experimental electronic music. For example his piece Morph – recorded over a timespan of 6 years and comprised of 2415 chronological 8-second audio loops – is an incomparable long-term audio-visual project. His newest solo album Locked Grooves is a collection of 112 drum grooves, each of which will play infinitely. Up until today Julian Sartorius has created numerous audiovisual art works, collaborated internationally with musicians, writers and artist and performs live all over the world.

… how & why:

Julian’s recording was never planned as such and happened by pure chance. To kick off the season of 2021 I had invited Viennese bass player Lukas Kranzelbinder to record solo. Lukas then asked Julian to join him for a duo. On the day of the recording Lukas unfortunately fell sick and Julian, luckily an experienced solo drummer, jumped in and spontaneously decided to record solo. Several hours and a lot of great grooves and beats later we ended up with 66 micro-improvisations on 33 vinyls. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and record Julian who is such a friendly person and amazingly talented musician.

Music snippets: