#5: Rapport

Born and raised in southern Austria, Lukas Kranzelbinder started playing bass at the age of 14 and only a year later he approached the double bass. Since studying in Vienna and Linz he has played in several bands, founded multiple projects and even wrote an opera. He is one of Austria’s most versatile bass players and his musical spectrum stretches from North-African Gnawa music, Jazz, AfroBeat to Surf-Rock. In 2016 he founded the band Shake Stew for a commission gig at the Jazzfestival Saalfelden. This AfroBeat big-band – with two drums and two basses – has managed to make audiences all over the world dance with its rolling, rhythmical & trance-inducing performances. In 2021 Lukas Kranzelbinder not only won the German Jazz Award for best international band with Shake Stew but also celebrated the 10 year anniversary with the critically acclaimed trio Mario Rom’s Interzone. He decided to join forces with the Swiss drummer and groove-musician Julian Sartorious.

… how & why:

This was the first time ever Lukas Kranzelbinder and Julian Sartorius played together and it was cut directly & unedited to vinyl. What a brave endeavour by Lukas & Julian and believe me… it paid off! Lukas switched between double bass, electric bass & guimbri and Julian used the full spectrum of his percussive drum kit and log drums to accompany the groovy ride. They recorded 33 vinyls but only the A side.

Here some of the tracks they recorded live to vinyl:

Here a video of the recording session: