#4: Natascha Gangl feat. Cimon Finix

Natascha Gangl is an author based in Vienna. She has published two books – Wendy fährt nach Mexiko (2015) and Das Spiel von der Einverleibung. Frei nach Unica Zürn (2020) – and numerous texts in multiple magazines. Next to this “traditional” literary work she has cooperated with musicians, written for (puppet) theatres and participated in artistic research projects. Natascha is fond of the Spanish language and has been travelling back and forth between Austria, Spain & Mexico since 2006. Her eclectic style and multi-disciplinary scope have led to a broad following and have resulted in her winning several awards for her writing.

… how & why:

Natascha came into my scope thanks to her cooperation with Maja Osojnik for the puppet theatre piece ORAKEL UND SPEKTAKEL. Ein Fest für Unica Zürn which was shown in 2017. The performance turned into an abstractly beautiful world full of strong words, entangling music and otherworldly images. Luckily Natascha and Maja continued working together, joined forces with Matija Schellander and their fruitful cooperation led to the invention of a new format: the Klangcomic / Soundcomic – audio dramas consisting of short vocal snippets paired with soundscapes and songs. Psychedelic is what I would call this combination of erratic single image stories with experimental sound.

When I invited Natascha to the recording she was working on a theatre piece called PICK MICH AUF! which was inspired loosely by the Austrian author Friederike Mayröcker. Natascha proposed to record some excerpts from the piece together with Cimon Finix aka Simon Dietersdorfer. The memorable recording session on the 3rd of June 2021 resulted in 33 beautiful vinyls.

The next day I received a message by Natascha telling me that sadly Friederike Mayröcker had passed away the morning after our recording session. We would like to dedicate this record to her and her amazing heritage.

Some audio-examples: