#3: Manu Mayr

Born and raised in Vienna Manu Mayr is a musician, composer and producer every city would be proud to call their own. From the moment he was first to be heard – especially in the context of Jazzwerkstatt Wien – it was easy to predict he would turn into one of Austria’s most outstanding bass players. Thanks to his immaculate timing and great sound he is an important part of any rhythm section. Manu Mayr performs solo on double and electric bass and is member of bands like schtum, 5K HD, Gabbeh, Kompost 3, Synesthetic 4 and Studio Dan. In many of his bands he also plays an important role as composer, arranger and recording engineer. His eclectic sound and amazing live performances have brought him to renowned festivals all over the world.

… how & why:

Manu has been such an important part of the Viennese music scene for the last 10 years and has been and continues to be part of many great bands. I personally am a huge fan of Kompost 3, Synesthetic 4 and 5K HD and try not to miss any opportunity to hear any of them perform live. Every single time I witnessed Manu on stage it was an intense and memorable experience. So I was very thrilled when he agreed to record in May 2021 and he blessed us with 66 unique improvisations on 33 vinyls.

Here is a small selection of recordings from the series: